Management – training – coaching – sailing

Staring over the water, you are in control,
You think of your role as a team leader, a manager, a supervisor,
Away from all daily worries,
You see your new ME in front of you,
Let those waves come!

Are you in for a day on the water?
  • You wonder how you can make more impact as a leader.
  • You love your job but would like to have more time for other activities.
  • You appreciate what your teams get done, but would like less stress around the deadline periods.
  • You have a driven team, but you could use more structure.
  • Everyone in your teams likes to chat, but do they really communicate?
  • You feel at your place, but sometimes you doubt whether it could be even better.
  • You are very busy but you feel that you have done little.

Does one of the points above apply to you? Come on board with us!

What we do

We take you on the water and give you the lead over the boat. While sailing, you dive into a refreshing sea of experiences, insights and practice. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, you will make this day one that you will never forget. In this way one, on one or in a small team, step by step you become more and more effective in your way of management and communication. Discover by playing with the elements that nature has to offer, what your hidden talents are and how you can apply them in different situations.

Would you like to know how we do this? Do you want to go Solo (1 on 1 with an instructor) or a tailor-made course with your team (s) that also brings a lot of fun and satisfaction? Are you curious why we offer this on a sailing boat? Then read on.