Competence check

Plot a leadership profile while sailing.

This test is intended to confirm the student's competences. Consider, for example, a candidate for a leadership role. The candidate claims that he has specific personal characteristics that are decisive for the organization. 
On this day we immediately test on board whether these properties are actually present, according to the standards of the organization. In addition, we map the entire leadership profile of the candidate. A competency can include skill, attitude and knowledge, or a combination of these. Of course there is always the possibility to further develop this in a Solo or Group training.



  • Client indicates in a conversation which competences he is looking for.
  • Candidate takes online intake test to make personal characteristics transparent.
  • Intake interview in the morning at the harbor.
  • Go through the basics of sailing. (Wind, boat, operation.)


  • Sailing to the lunch destination, testing competencies en route.
  • Lunch a la carte.
  • Sail back to the harbor.

Back on land.

  • Go through findings with the candidate.
  • Feedback of the test results to the client.