Solo coaching

All attention and focus on you, the water, and the goals you aspire to.

The Solo management coaching is a one-on-one coaching in which only the student and trainer are on board. The boat and the trainer are completely at the service of the student's growth goals. In addition, sailing exercises are conducted that increase and test the obtained insights and objectives. The progress of the student is recorded directly on board by the trainer. In this way the coaching contributes to an optimal result.



  • Online intake test to provide insight into personal characteristics.
  • Intake interview in the morning at the harbor for personal goals.
  • Go through the basics of sailing. (Wind, boat, operation.)


  • Training and coaching while sailing to the lunch destination.
  • Lunch a la carte.
  • Training and coaching while sailing back to the harbor.

Back on land.

  • Recording with the student how the insights obtained can be put into practice in a "Future me" document.
  • Contact the student three weeks after the Solo coaching to discuss the progress and possible stumbling blocks.