In-depth team building

Let's be honest. Team building on a sailing boat is adventurous and great fun. With the wind on your skin and the boat nice and oblique it is playing with the elements.
But sailing is not easy. Collaboration is crucial to get to the desired destination quickly. That is why a sailboat is the platform par excellence for simulating and expanding team situations.


Team building is of course more than just an exciting day. The team must come out stronger and more valuable. We do this by delving deep into the functioning of the team and then focusing on it. Moreover, we can map the performance of the team members up to the individual level. That way we are able to offer in-depth customized team building.


To be able to give the training the desired depth, we will hold an intake at the office in advance. We discuss your desired goals and if desired we can do an individual intake per participant.
In this way we can guarantee the maximum depth for your team building and we ensure that the different individuals that make up the team are connected to each other.