Sailing? Sailing!

Sailboats are an extremely suitable simulation platform for management situations. There is no leaning back on board. Work objectives are set, the crew is managed and in unexpected situations improvisations must be made. Because the trainers are aware of the individual characteristics of the students, they are able to provide targeted exercises and instructions. While sailing we combine the useful with the pleasant; the panoramic view with professional coaching and reflection. 

You remember better what you have trained.

Sailing is a healthy and adventurous experience that lasts well in your memory. What is learned in a pleasant way simply lingers in the mind. We love to combine the useful with the pleasant.

Direct feedback.

All decisions made on board of a sailing boat have a direct effect on how the destination is reached. This direct effect shortens the time required to gain insights and to test them in practice. In this way, training goals are achieved faster.

You are more open to new insights.

When you find yourself outside of your normal environment, you are more open to new insights. This speeds up gaining insights about yourself and which let you grow personally. Moreover, you are not distracted by any daily routine.

It’s fun!

Let's be honest. Sailing is a lot of fun and gives you a feeling of freedom. It frees the mind, it is playing with the elements and it gives a kick when the boat goes smoothly over the water. Experience it.